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Archives: 6/22/2014 The Penthouse

Posted Jun 22, 2014 5:46pm
Isaac graduated from the PICU yesterday! We are up in the penthouse now, on the 9th floor of the hospital, which is primarily a pulmonary floor. The PICU doctors and respiratory therapists felt comfortable moving Isaac, even though he still qualifies for the PICU due to his oxygen/bi-pap needs. He's doing really well up here, and we are excited about the private bathroom. The pulmonology team has a system going for weaning Isaac from the bi-pap. Today he has done his first 90 minute session off the bi-pap with 5L of high flow oxygen. This afternoon he will do another 90 minutes at only 4L of high flow, with a break in the middle for a suction, cough assist, and some extra breaths with what's called the easy-pap. Each day brings new goals and plans for Isaac's care, and there is no set plan for going home, no specific goals to get us there. But we are heading in the right direction.
In other news, Happy Anniversary to my parents today! They are both here in Colorado with us, and hopefully they will sneak away for dinner or coffee or something together.

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