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Archives: 6/16/2014

After almost a week in the hospital, I posted this to CarePages.  6/16/2014

"Isaac is still in the PICU, and he will be until he is able to tolerate longer periods off the bi-pap machine. The machine basically helps his lung inflate and deflate as he takes his normal breaths. His muscle tone is so low that he isn't able to recruit his respiratory muscles very effectively. He managed two sessions off the machine yesterday, 30 minutes and 45 minutes, and we are so proud of the little guy! It's such hard work for him, and he is a trooper. He keeps smiling at us, and loves interacting with all of our visitors. We should get the results of the genetic test tomorrow or Wednesday, and we are still praying for a miracle. God can do anything, and we pray that His will be done.
We are so grateful to everyone for their spiritual, emotional, physical,and financial support. Feel free to send a private message for our mailing, physical, or email address, or phone number.
Thank you, and keep on praying. My special request is that everyone pray a Rosary today, with the intention that Isaac does not have SMA."

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