Thursday, October 15, 2015

Archives: 6/15/2014

I am finally getting around to posting all of the archives from the CarePages site that we started almost a year and a half ago.  Isaac had been hospitalized for just a few days, and I asked my oldest sister to get the CarePages up and running.  We have maintained updates about Isaac and our family on an off since then.  I will post each update titled "Archives:__/__/____"

From June 15th, posted by my sister, Amy:

"Just before his four month birthday, Isaac had an unresponsive episode after aspirating his saliva. His daddy saved his life and Jenna and Jeremiah brought him to Children's Hospital at the urging of their pediatrician. Currently they are working to stabilize him and to find the cause of his low muscle tone, which Isaac has had since birth. The pulmonology, genetics, and neuromuscular teams all
agree that Isaac likely has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 (SMA 1). We are waiting for the resultsof genetic testing to know for sure. If it is SMA, Isaac will continue to get weaker until he eventually passes on. Jenna and Jeremiah have been given one year, maybe two, to love and enjoy their sweet boy. Please continue to pray for Isaac, his parents and family. Pray for a miracle of complete healing. Offer up little daily sacrifices in Isaac's name such as skipping a coffee or dessert. Pass on this prayer request to anyone and everyone. Isaac is a gentle soul, full of smiles, love, patience and courage. He is named for Isaac, the son of Abraham. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son, but was spared at the last moment. Our hope is that God will spare Jenna and Jeremiah the loss of their son.."

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