Monday, September 30, 2019

Well...Hello again!

     Here we are again! Google recently reminded me that it was time to renew our domain name, and I thought, "Wow, it's been a year since I posted anything on that blog!"  So I logged in, renewed the domain, and was almost shocked to discover that, lo, it has been TWO years. I'd say that I vow to be better. I'd say that I will post more frequently, with more organized photos and updates. The reality is, however, that we are busy. You are busy. And it takes a while for the laptop to boot up. And while the iPad makes photo uploading a breeze, I still hate typing on anything but the lazy laptop. So tonight, for your viewing and reading pleasure, I have patient waited for the laptop to participate in my blogging! 
      Many of you know that we have moved out of our little yellow house while we do a major renovation project. In the meantime, we are renting a 526 sq ft cottage about 10 minutes from our home. It is close quarters, especially with our dog and cats who had grown accustomed to the freedom of a doggie door and fenced yard. I had no idea that Tanq liked/needed to come and go as often as he does, tags gently clinking, nails softly clicking, giant snout softly whining to wake me at least twice in the middle of each night...but before I get into that, here are some photos to catch us all up on the past two years!

We last spoke when Natalie was starting kindergarten and Isaac was starting his first full year of preschool. I had recently started working full-time, and Jeremiah had just gotten his CNA license. Now, Natalie is a second grader, and Isaac is a kindergartner.  I am still working at the hospital, and Jeremiah is still Isaac's CNA (plus a project manager and semi-pro metal scrapper, etc.). Enjoy the following photos, which are definitely not in order. 

In preschool, Isaac liked to be the flag holder!This was probably taken in early 2018...maybe?

In July of 2018, we took a road trip to Idaho to visit Jeremiah's family, and the kids got to meet their cousin Vivian!
If memory serves, we drove to Iowa to spend Christmas 2017 with my sister Amy and family. It was very cold. But it was nice inside the botanical gardens!

Isaac loves the Ghostbusters, and watched the old 80s episodes on Netflix on repeat until Netflix removed the show. He was sad for a short time, but as much I found the show tolerable, it was a blessing. Anyway, two years in a row he went as Egon Spengler for Halloween! This was 2017. By 2018 he had a more sophisticated costume!

Isaac's preschool graduation! May 2019. 
The epic Omaha Zoo. We drove back to my hometown in IL for the kids' spring break in March 2019. We had a family reunion and said farewell to our family home (which is amazing and on the market, if you're interested!). We stopped at the zoo for about 3 hours on our way back to Colorado, and we needed about 10 more to see everything.
Ah, here's a nice, recent photo! Labor Day Weekend, 2019, up in Estes Park with my folks! Sprague Lake. 

I made these mustaches. I'm proud of these mustaches.
I made these kids. I'm proud of them too.
I don't remember why they had mustache day at school. 

This was about two weeks ago, when Jeremiah and I were painting on the first coat of waterproofing. That's our basement!

First week of school, 2019!

A brief and excellent visit with all of the Boostrom cousins in Colorado this past summer!

A QC tradition, at least for my generation. You go to John Deere Commons and take your picture in a tractor wheel.

The QC means Quad Cities, where I grew up. John Deere is kind of a big deal in those parts.
Oh, what's this you ask? This is Isaac driving his power chair! We fought for about 18 months to get him this chair, and dang he looks good in it!  When Medicaid finally approved his chair, with the help of the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, they used our evidence to overturn power chair denials for at least two other kids with SMA. That's kind of a big deal too.  He absolutely loves driving the beast, which has, no joke, a boat motor. It doesn't so much fit in our 526 sq ft rental cottage, so he doesn't get as much drive time as he deserves. But we're working on it!

In my next post, I'll give you all the juicy details about our house project. That's also kind of a big deal.