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Archives: 6/17/2014 Gratitude

From 6/17/2014

This has been one hell of a week. Last Tuesday we came here to deal with pneumonia and low muscle tone. Today we are dealing with new teams of doctors, neuromuscular teams, nutritionists, social workers, palliative care, equipment, stress, fear, sadness. But in the midst of this, mixed into every moment, I feel such gratitude. I will try to express that here, but I know I will fall short.
I am grateful for:
Jeremiah, every moment, for saving Isaac's life last week, for being my rock, for sharing my pain.
My mother, for being here. For everything.
My mother in law, for taking such good care of Natalie.
Pam and Neal, for being here, for being chauffeurs, for caring.
My sisters, for their love from afar, the prayers, the pictures, the monsters :)
Katie, for her love, for the amazing pictures she took of our family this spring.
My brother Dan, for Cookie Monster, for being a shoulder to cry on, something I've never done before.
For Juli, for organizing, praying, delivering, fighting, loving, being.
For my co-workers, for the food, snacks, gift cards, prayers, support, cash. You are amazing.
For our church, Guardian Angels, Father Alan, and the Knights of Columbus, for the prayers, meals, yard work, and gas money.
For Uncle Greg, Isaac Gregory's namesake, for saying that he would give his life for Isaac's if he could, and meaning it.
For Brian, our best man, for the Fathers Day feast.
For Renee, for being the best neighbor, for letting Natalie play.
For all of the staff in the PICU, for your intentional kindness, knowledge, and love of your work. For calling Isaac "nugget, tator tot, bub" and other such sweet things.
For all of the prayers, for your belief in the power of prayer, for hope.
For God's grace.
Thank you.

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