Monday, November 28, 2016

Prayers Please!

Hey all! Tomorrow, we take Isaac down to the hospital for his first injection.  It's exciting, but I'm also nervous.  I'm nervous because our son is getting a lumbar puncture and a spinal injection and we are asking doctors to do that to him.  Jeremiah and I are excited, but tonight at the Crane house it's business as usual. We take pretty much everything a day at a time- schedules, finances, plans- and this huge deal of an experimental treatment for SMA isn't much different.  But tomorrow is a day that we never saw coming, that we never expected, and that we only vaguely and remotely hoped would come.

Please, say a prayer tonight or tomorrow for Isaac and for the doctors and researchers involved in this treatment.  Please pray that the injection goes smoothly, that Isaac doesn't have any pain from it, that he sleeps well tomorrow night, and that the treatment begins to work in whatever small and meaningful way it can.

Happy Advent!

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