Sunday, March 20, 2016


I finally figured out how to let people subscribe to this blog!  I think if you just enter your email above and click submit, you can get automatic updates to your email.  It should work...

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  1. Jenna...LOVE all of it! The family pictures are amazing!!! Wow, the cake and cookies for Isaac's birthday are just awesome... I can not believe how big Isaac looks with his haircut..a little gentleman.:-) He looks so handsome! It is wonderful that Isaac is still with us and healthy and happy! God is so good!!! Thanks for the pics, the updates, and sharing your family with all of us! Your family is a reminder, during this holy week, that God is abundant love! He knows exactly what He is doing and He does it perfectly. I see this in Isaac's life and in your families' response to this miracle that God has given you! xoxox Renee


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