Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Last Shot!

This here is a blatant request that any and everybody come to Roy's Last Shot in Black Hawk for a fundraiser for Isaac!  Roy is an awesome, generous man, and his restaurant is the best place for a meal on the Peak to Peak, if you ask me.  He offered to organize a fundraiser, and it is shaping up to be a good sized event.  You may know that I quit my job last summer, about a month after Isaac was diagnosed, in order to stay home and take care of him.  I still work a few shifts a month as a speech therapist, when the need for help at work and the necessary private duty nurses at home happily coincide.  Jeremiah has been a stay at home dad since Natalie was born.  He works construction and bicycle building jobs on the side to help bring in some income, often in the middle of the night when the rest of us are asleep.  We have incredibly generous friends and family who have consistently helped us with some of our expenses, but without a full-time income we are flat out struggling.  Roy stepped in at the exact moment that the money raised via GoFundMe was dwindling, and we plan to express our gratitude in person at the fundraiser!  So if you're looking for a beautiful drive on the Peak to Peak this labor day weekend, come on over, get some grub, and admire the truly impressive collection of shot glasses.   Hope to see you there!

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